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Lost Wax Process Investment Castings Saves time, Improve processes & product and Increase profits.

Why Lost Wax Process casting?

lost wax process investment casting is the closest you can get to a net shape manufacturing process. Using the lost wax method, investment castings by EPS produces parts so close in tolerance that, in many cases, no further machining or finishing is necessary. Once the initial tooling is perfected, every subsequent casting is an identical copy of the original. You save time and money. Your customer gets a better product. Here’s how:

Gain Design & Materials Flexability

Investment casting affords more freedom of design and access to a wider range of alloys than shell or sand castings offer. More than 120 ferrous and nonferrous metals are routinely cast at EPS.

Eliminate Tooling Set-up

By offering near-net-shape configuration, fixturing costs are substantially reduced or eliminated altogether.

Reduce Production Costs

Precise dimensional tolerance of the lost wax process often eliminates machining on some surfaces, thus reducing costly finishing operations. And with EPS as your investment castings source, the only capital equipment investment required to produce the parts is the tool.

Cut Assembly Operations

Lost Wax process investment castings allow the replacement of multi-component parts with a single part. Several parts can be made as one casting, reducing handling, assembly and inspection costs.

Reproduce Fine Details

The ability to reproduce fine details using the lost wax process allows EPS to produce a vast array of products from very close tolerance pressure fittings and valves to intricate trophies, medals and figurines.

Lost Wax Process Invetment Casting

Lost Wax Process for Stainless Steel

  • 300 Series
  • 400 Series

Lost Wax Process for Carbon Steel

  • 1000 Series
  • 8600 Series
Lost Wax Process for Tool Steel
  • 4100 Series
  • 6100 Series

and for Non-Ferrous

  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Aluminum

Cobalt Base High Temperature Plus many other air melt alloy




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